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"I think this [weir] work is outstanding. I am very impressed you got the weir up and running with the Vaki system and are producing such meaningful results."
Jeff McLain
Habitat Restoration Coordinator
Anadromous Fish Restoration Program



Cramer Fish Sciences (CFS) is a fisheries research consulting firm with several regional offices in the Pacific Northwest and California. Cramer Fish Sciences is a fantastic place to work where team members experience a work environment that fosters growth and learning in a casual yet productive atmosphere. Our mission is to rigorously apply the scientific method to provide our clients innovative, scientifically robust solutions to address a variety of fisheries and environmental challenges. The CFS team achieves these high standards through effective and unbiased data collection, insightful analysis and interpretation, and clear communications.

Cramer Fish Sciences was established in 1987 to provide innovative solutions to problems affecting fish and other aquatic biota. We work in a team environment and specialize in investigations of fish populations, their relationships with habitat and environmental features, and their changes in response to fish management or habitat restoration actions. The CFS team is a group of dedicated professionals with a documented reputation for high-quality ecological work. Senior scientists at CFS work hard to provide leadership and mentoring to their employees, and aim to provide each team member with the opportunity to achieve his/her personal and professional best in the work environment. Cramer Fish Sciences is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

As of Sunday, December 17th, 2017 these are the employment opportunities available at Cramer Fish Sciences:

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