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Steven P. Cramer, Founder, Cramer Fish Sciences

Purpose of the Scholarship

The employees of Cramer Fish Sciences®, an employee-owned company, offer the Steven P. Cramer Legacy Scholarship to honor and continue the legacy of our founding scientist. The scholarship will be awarded annually to aspiring fisheries scientists to recognize and encourage their pursuit of cutting-edge solutions which balance conservation and beneficial use of our natural resources. Scholarships will be awarded to two graduate students actively engaged in research relevant to applied fisheries science. Each award will be in the amount of $2,000.

Applicant Requirements

The selection committee will consider applicants who are 1) a graduate student (M.S. or Ph.D.) currently enrolled or officially accepted in an accredited program in a field relevant to fisheries science, who are 2) conducting research with application towards finding solutions to fisheries management issues, and who have 3) demonstrated character defined by dedication and service to their local community.

Click here Steven P. Cramer, Founder, Cramer Fish Sciences to download a PDF containing the full list of required application materials.

Application Address and Deadline

Complete applications (except letters of recommendation which are to be sent separately) should be compiled into a single PDF or Word document and emailed directly to Letters of recommendation should be sent to this email address as well. The application deadline is June 1, 2016.

Criteria for Selection

The scholarship will be awarded by the selection committee based on the relevance of the applicant's research in honoring Steve's legacy, the applicant's academic achievement, and the strength of the applicant's character and talents in advancing the contribution of fisheries science toward a more sustainable future.

Award Notification

The scholarship recipient will be notified and the award given by July 31 of each year in which it is awarded. Click here to view the award recipients for 2015.

Make A Donation

To learn more about fundraising events for the Steven P. Cramer Legacy Scholarship, visit our Facebook page.

Visit our GoFundMe page to donate online. You may also pay by check. Make checks payable to "Cramer Fish Sciences" with "CFS Scholarship Fund" in the memo line and mail to: Cramer Fish Sciences, 600 NW Fariss Rd., Gresham, OR 97030.

All funds received will be applied directly to scholarships. Donations are not tax deductible.

Background — Steven P. Cramer

Steve founded Cramer Fish Sciences® in 1987, and the company has been serving private firms, state and federal agencies, and tribal interests ever since. Prior to consulting, Steve served 14 years with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife where he directed major research programs in the Rogue and Columbia basins. He has authored numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and over 130 reports on a wide variety of fisheries topics.

Steve has led teams of scientists for over 35 years in the design and analysis of research efforts to resolve fisheries issues related to passage at dams, habitat productivity, hatchery supplementation, and harvestable surplus. He has often led regional teams of scientists to study causes and solutions to the newest challenges for balancing our natural resource uses with the mandate to sustain native fish populations. In the course of his work, he has assembled and analyzed data on most of the notable salmon and steelhead streams in the Western United States and has become a trusted advisor and independent analyst to fisheries agencies, private firms, and tribal interests in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska.

The focus of Steve's research and consulting has been the quantitative analysis of population dynamics for salmon and steelhead. His research includes determination of the probability of extinction and methods to prevent it, the effects of environmental variation, the impacts of flow and stream habitat alteration, interactions of hatchery and wild fish, impacts of harvest, and solutions for passing fish around dams and diversions. Steve is an innovator of fish sampling methods and study designs, and he has pioneered the development of several analytical approaches for estimating habitat carrying capacity for fish, survival rates of migrating juveniles, and relative importance of key factors that determine productivity of fish populations.

Of all his accomplishments, Steve's greatest legacy is his life-long passion for finding solutions to help preserve, protect, and enhance our natural resources. Steve has a great desire to see that good science continues to guide the direction of fisheries conservation and management, and this scholarship honors aspiring scientists who will carry that torch into the future.

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