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"It is truly exciting to see Cramer Fish Sciences demonstrate the kind of public outreach and volunteerism that we would like to see in all of our area's leaders. Thanks for all you do."
Leslie Tugman
The Tugman Group



Cramer Fish Sciences conducts research and develops methods that support the conservation and restoration of estuary and marine ecosystems and fish populations. We provide science-based solutions to help resource managers and stakeholders make more informed and effective management decisions. Fish Sciences utilizes multiple research, monitoring, and assessment techniques, and provides technical assistance for current issues including factors such as temperature, pollution, invasive species, and land and water resource use. We collaborate with conservation groups and individuals with specific expertise to provide the most effective solutions to current estuarine and marine science issues.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Effects of ocean harvest regulation
  • Estuary and ocean ecology
  • Salmonid estuary and ocean survival
  • Salmonid estuary and ccean migration
  • Ocean current/upwelling
  • Pelagic species ecology and decline
  • Food chain ecology
  • Sediment transport modeling
  • Seagrass community ecology

Invasive Species

Increasing numbers of alien invasive species threaten the unique biota of estuary and marine environments and the productivity of these watersheds. Cramer Fish Sciences strives to provide effective technology, methods, and information for responding to these new threats. We help develop, monitor and support effective science-based management of harmful non-native species throughout the West coast.

Our areas of expertise:

  • Estuary and marine habitat assessment
  • Invasive management plans
  • Eradication plans for alien species
  • Species impact assessments
  • Plans for reintroduction of native species
  • Ballast water management

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