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"I have been pleased with Cramer Fish Sciences' work products and will continue to use them as a fisheries consultant for future projects. They provide a scientific analysis that is grounded solidly in the scientific methodology. I have found them to be innovative and very effective in the fisheries field."
Ronald S. Yockim
Attorney at Law



Gathering and Synthesizing Critical Data

Photo: Randall Benton/Sacramento Bee/ZUMACramer Fish Sciences is a recognized expert in the design and implementation of fish habitat and population monitoring projects. Our monitoring is focused on improving our knowledge about aquatic ecosystems. We are adept in applying innovative technologies and optimal sampling designs to efficiently assess status and trends. We also have biostatisticians and biologists that are experienced with sophisticated statistical analysis to describe meaningful patterns, relationships, and trends. We are equipped with a fleet of boats, a storehouse of sampling gear, and a full shop for fabrication and maintenance of field gear. Our services include:

Fish Population Monitoring

  • Migration
    • Migrant traps
    • Resistance board weirs
    • Radio and acoustic tracking
  • Survival
    • Tagging (PIT, CWT, telemetry)
  • Distribution and Population Trends
    • Electrofishing (boat and backpack)
    • Underwater video/infrared
    • Snorkeling/diving surveys
    • Seine and gill netting
  • Growth
    • Scale and otolith analysis
  • Diet analysis

Fish Habitat Monitoring

  • Riparian Surveys
    • Riparian vegetation
    • Wood recruitment
    • Stream shade
    • Riparian microclimate
  • In-stream Surveys
    • Flow, depth, velocity
    • Water quality sampling
    • Stream temperature
    • Macroinvertebrates
  • Channel Surveys
    • Channel condition
    • Bank stability
    • Stream substrate
    • Instream wood



Photo: Randall Benton/Sacramento Bee/ZUMA

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